USB Powered – No installation needed

AviTracer provides cost effective light aircraft flight watch services for

Air-taxi operators who require an efficient way to track their flights and have multiple summaries for their operations,

Flight schools and instructors for a visualized and constructive debriefing,

Individual private pilots who want to share their live flight track with friends and family.

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One-time links


One-time links

Create one-time links for a selected period of time for an aircraft and send them to your passengers or associates.

You just select an aircraft and a timeframe and generate a link for your passenger or associate to track it in real-time. Additionally, the receiver of the link can have the ETA of that aircraft at their location when waiting for the aircraft.

The link is auto-enabled and expired during the time frame you select.

Push Notifications

Receive Notifications when the aircraft has landed or is taking-off.

The notifications include the name of a known Location (Airport, Heliport, Private and User specified locations) or the name of the closest city or town.

Custom locations to serve your company’s operations can be added upon request.

AviTracer Device

To connect to our platform we provide you with a small USB-powered device (80x45x13mm).

There is no need for installation. Just connect the AviTracer device to your on-board USB socket and forget it.

We also provide various accessories to help you connect it to your aircraft, like a 12/24V metal cigarette lighter USB charger (in case you have a cigarette lighter socket on board) and extension cables.

Crew ID

The Crew ID is a small tag personalised to the pilot with an independent subscription.

When the pilot carrying the Crew ID boards any aircraft equipped with an AviTracer device, the tag automatically connects to the AviTracer device.

  • Independent subscription
  • Pilot name on AviTracer map
  • Access to all pilot flights
  • Flight Analysis
  • Export to LogTen Pilot Logbook
  • Export flight in KML or GPX format

More features are coming shortly!

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