Flight Watch Solutions


Streamline fleet management with real-time tracking and secure one-time links, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.

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Flight School

Enhance instruction and safety with a user-friendly interface that allows for comprehensive post-flight debriefing, analysis, and precise tracking of solo flights.

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Ensure peace of mind with customizable notifications and the ability to grant access to relatives for their reassurance during your flights.

No Installation Needed

The AviTracer AT029 device is powered using a USB socket or your aircraft’s cigarette lighter, so it does’t require any installation or STC/modification to the aircraft.


CrewID is a small, personalized tag that enhances your aviation experience. When a crew member carries the CrewID and boards any aircraft equipped with an AviTracer device, the tag seamlessly connects to the AviTracer, unlocking a world of benefits.



Nautical miles flown


Flights tracked


Airborne hours


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Unlimited Flights
Global Support

Experience worldwide coverage under the same plan, included in your AviTracer subscription. No need to worry about hidden cellular connection costs or roaming charges.


Our annual subscription includes unlimited flights and flight hours, covering all cellular plan costs.


€30per month

Free AviTracer Device

Unlimited Flights

Unlimited Hours

+600 position reports per hour

No Hidden Cellular Costs


Unlimited User Accounts

12 Months of Data history

Worldwide Coverage

60€ one-time setup fee

Exclusive Discounts for AOPA Members!

We’re excited to offer you an exclusive discount on AviTracer services. Whether you’re a pilot or an aircraft owner, AviTracer has the tools you need to enhance your flying experience.

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