Auto Hours Tracking

Let CrewID effortlessly track Block and Flight times from your AviTracer Device, leaving pilots free from manual entries.


Name Display on AviTracer Map

Your crew members’ names are prominently displayed on the AviTracer map, allowing easy identification and tracking.

LogTen Pro Export

Easily export your flight data to LogTen Pro for comprehensive flight record management.

Flight Analysis

Analyze flights in detail, gaining valuable insights for optimization and improvement.

Export to KML and GPX

Export your flight data to KML and GPX formats for versatile data sharing and analysis.

Small and Lightweight

CrewID is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and keep it on your keys or your bag.


€39.99per year

Works with any AviTracer equipped aircraft

Automatic flight time recording

Name display on AviTracer map

Flight Analysis

Export to LogTen

Export to KML and GPX (Google Earth)

Custom Design and Branding

Custom Design and Branding

Personalize your CrewID with custom designs or incorporate your company branding for a professional touch.