Real-Time Tracking

Enjoy live tracking with updates every 10 (or less) seconds, providing accurate and up-to-date flight information.

Notifications for Power On-Off, Landed and Takeoff

Stay informed about the status of your aircraft with notifications for power on/off events and receive alerts when the aircraft lands or takes off, including support for custom landing sites tailored to your company’s needs.

Secure One Time Links

Easily share one-time links with clients, passengers, and brokers, granting them real-time ETA to their current location. These links automatically expire after the flight, ensuring secure and timely information sharing.

Multiple Map Styles

Customize your view by selecting from an array of map styles, including satellite and aviation, to suit your preferences and enhance your mapping experience.

Ready to experience the future of flight tracking?

CrewID Support

Seamlessly integrate CrewID functionality for improved crew identification and tracking.

Flight Playback, Analysis and Summaries

Gain valuable insights for optimization and improvement by analyzing flights in detail through our flight playback and analysis feature, while accessing comprehensive summaries based on specific aircraft and dates for efficient performance evaluation and reporting.

Additional Features

ETA to Any Point on Map

Determine estimated time of arrival (ETA) of aircraft to any point on the map, ensuring efficient planning and coordination.

Account Management

Streamline your operations with separate accounts for owners, mechanics, and administrators, enabling efficient and tailored management of different aircraft within your AOC.

Seamless Offline Data Handling

Preserve the integrity of your tracked points with automatic storage on the device when there is no cellular connection. The data seamlessly syncs once you regain an internet connection, ensuring that no valuable information is lost.

BRIEF Integration and Custom API Support

Seamlessly integrate AviTracer with BRIEF and explore custom API options to connect with your services. Contact us to discuss your integration needs and unlock enhanced operational efficiency tailored to your requirements.