Fleet Monitoring and Live Tracking

Elevate the safety and progress of student pilots, especially during solo flights, by gaining real-time visibility into your fleet’s status and location, while also optimizing flight school operations.

Power On/Off and Landed/Takeoff Notifications

Stay informed about the status of your aircraft with notifications for power on/off events and receive alerts when the aircraft lands or takes off, including support for custom landing sites tailored to your company’s needs.

CrewID - Auto Hours Tracking

Integrate CrewID for students, enabling automatic logbook entries and streamlined record-keeping. Simplify administrative tasks and enhance accuracy.

Ready to experience the future of flight tracking?

Debrief, Analysis and Flight Playback

Track, analyze, and replay flights in real-time, gaining valuable insights for debriefing and performance evaluation. Enhance post-flight debriefing with Flight Analysis, Google Earth integration, and detailed flight playback.

Additional Features

Student Solo Flight Monitoring

Enhance safety measures by effectively tracking and monitoring solo flights of student pilots, allowing instructors to stay informed about their independent flying activities and ensure a secure learning environment.

Geofence Alerts

Set up geofence alerts for specific routes or areas, receiving notifications when aircraft deviate from predefined boundaries. Enhance safety measures and proactively address any potential issues.