Flight Analysis

Login to your Crew ID account Find your flight and select it Press MORE on the bottom left of your pop up window Choose Flight Analysis

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Get aircraft history

Click on Reports Select Trips for Type drop done menu Click Configure On the pop-up menu, select Aircraft or Group. You can select one or multiple  aircraft or Group for all aircraft of your fleet. Select the reports period of time from the Report drop-down menu Click ok Click Show The report will appear [...]

One-time link

Within AviTracer application Open AviTracer app or if you haven’t done so get it on the Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/gr/app/avitracer/id1624365467 Go to Status page, on the bottom right of the app. Press the button One-time Link, at the top right of Status page Select the aircraft you wish to create the link for. Choose From [...]

Estimate time of arrival

Click on the aircraft you require to select it. Click on the button with the watch  on the top right of your page Click anywhere on the map. A pop-up window will appear with the ETA, Estimate Time of Arrival at your selected location.

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